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Our fast & easy online process will get you the financing you need faster we also compare rates with over 30 lenders to guarantee you’re getting the best deal on your mortgage.

We specialize in all types of mortgages and home equity loans from new mortgages, second homes or cottages and renovation & construction mortgages.


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Buy a New Home

Whether you are a first time buyer, new to Canada, self-employed income or bad credit. We can get you the financing you need for your new home.

Buy a Cottage or Second Home

Our massive selection of lenders offer an easy way to finance that cottage you want to spend summers at or the condo in the city that is closer to work

Renew or Refinance Your Mortgage

Mortgage rates haven’t been this low in years. Save some money and lower your monthly payment and even pull out some cash for yourself.

Debt Consolidation Loan

Why not use the equity in your home to help pay off your other debt. Get everything wrapped up into one manageable lower payment. We can help people in any credit situation get back on track.

Get A Loan For Renovations

Is it time for that new kitchen? The new garage? Or even a full addition to your home. We have the perfect program for you. We make it easy and offer multiple options to help get your renovation done.

Home Equity Cash Loan

Need some cash? We can help you pull out the equity in your mortgage and can even lower your overall monthly payment as well. We can help any one with any credit get the cash they need! Lowest rates and quick responses.

We Have A Mortgage Solution For Everyone

At Ontario Mortgages we specialize in helping people in all situations arrange the home financing they need. With over 30 lender partners and a network of award winning brokers we offer a fast, easy, 100% secure process to get you the lowest rates, best terms, and simple financing on your mortgage today.

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